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About NAK Hair Products

Natural Australian Kulture, or NAK, is a renowned haircare brand that was founded in 2003. The brand is driven by a strong dedication to creating products that are effective and influenced by Australian culture. NAK's hair rituals are based on botanicals, essential oils, and natural, vegan products that put the health of the environment, skin, and hair first. Their carefully selected and independently tested components help to create sulphate-free and paraben-free formulas, assuring gentle yet effective cleansing, and they have vowed to refrain from animal experimentation. Being a proudly Australian company, NAK Hair represents a grounded culture committed to making high-quality hair care affordable for everybody.

Official Stockist of NAK Hair Products

KESS Hair and Beauty, the biggest and most well-known salon network in New Zealand, is your one-stop shop for NAK hair products.

With more than 150 committed stylists and beauticians, KESS was established in 2006. Acclaimed for providing excellent services at affordable costs, KESS has grown to be a reputable brand in the beauty sector. KESS guarantees access to ethical, Australian-made haircare products as an official stockist of NAK Hair Products, which is consistent with its dedication to quality and innovation. Kess Lower Hutt and Kess Porirua are well-known stores that cater to beauty lovers and professionals all around New Zealand.

Benefits of NAK Hair Products

Some of the collective and unique benefits of NAK hair care products are as follows:

Natural Formulations

Inspired by Australian culture, NAK Hair Products uses vegan components, essential oils, and botanicals to provide hair care that is both effective and eco-friendly.

Sulphate and Paraben-Free

NAK's dedication to mild yet efficient cleaning is demonstrated by the absence of parabens and sulphates in its products.

Australian Commitment

Being grounded and proudly Australian, NAK provides high-quality hair care at an affordable price.

NAK Hair Products Range

NAK offers a wide range of professional hair care products, including-

Shampoos and Conditioners: NAK’s shampoos and conditioners offer a diverse range of products for various hair types. The NAK Hair Scalp to Hair Energise Thickening Shampoo and NAK Hydrate Conditioner are excellent examples.

Treatment: Various treatment options are available to strengthen hair and heal damage. NAK Hair Scalp to Hair Mineral Defense Leave-in Treatment is a good leave-in.

Finishing: The adaptable style sprays from NAK withstand humidity and improve volume, bounce, and texture. NAK Hair Dry Zone Matte Spray is good for sealing your bounce.

Styling: Products to style your hair. NAK Hair Sheer Styling Glaze enhances hair texture with a natural body.

Purifying: Powerful purifying products to detoxify and leave your hair and scalp feeling renewed. NAK Hair Ultimate Shampoo effectively removes pollutants.

Repair: A variety of repair solutions nourish and revitalise hair to support healthy growth. Hydrate Detangle Mist protects hair from structural wear and tear.

Volume and Texture: Products for added fullness. NAK Hair Volume Shampoo and Conditioner improve the natural volume.

Thermal Protection: NAK's thermal protection products shield against heat damage.

Why Do Customers Prefer NAK Hair Products?

Customers favour NAK Hair Products because of its genuine culture, devotion to Australian manufacturing, and goal of making gorgeous haircare affordable for all. In addition to emphasising ecologically sustainable techniques, avoiding testing on animals, and actively supporting salons along their journey, NAK ensures a holistic and ethical approach to haircare with its natural vegan complex, sulphate-free, and paraben-free products. Customers value the substantial bottle sizes and reasonable costs.

Common Customers' Questions About NAK Hair Products NZ

Q1. How effective is NAK Hair Volume Foam?

The NAK Hair Volume Foamstyle spray is very versatile and effective. It is made to resist humidity and elevate hair at the roots for more fullness, volume, and bounce. With no stickiness or flakiness, the lightweight composition provides moisture and smoothness. It also adds shine and manageability, providing a comprehensive and effective answer to style requirements.

Q2. What is the best one for curly hair in the NAK shampoo NZ category?

NAK Hair ORI Lab CURL Cleanse Shampoo TRAVEL is a silicone-free formula designed to enhance curl shape and movement, suitable for all hair types, particularly curly hair. 

Q3. Are NAK hairpacks good for hair?

Yes, NAK hair packs are specifically designed to purify and repair damaged hair. One shining example of such a product is the NAK Rescue Masque. With the help of cocoa butter, oat extract, sunflower and marula oils, and other ingredients, this deeply conditioning beauty butter repairs and nourishes damaged hair while improving its hydration, gloss, and manageability.

Q4. Are NAK hair products vegan?

Yes, NAK Hair Products are completely vegan. They are made with a natural vegan complex. Devoted to ethical decisions, the brand guarantees cruelty-free formulas and keeps out elements originating from animals, supporting a kind and environmentally friendly approach to hair care.

Q5. What is the function of NAK Hair Thermal Shield?

It is a must-have thermal styling spray. NAK Hair Thermal Shield protects hair from extremes in moisture, temperature, and styling pressure. It provides a secure thermal shield with a hold factor of three, preventing frizz and flyaways and guaranteeing long-lasting style. Sulphate-free, paraben-free, and vegan—offering all-around protection and long-lasting style.

Q6. How do you use a Leave-in moisturiser on your hair?

After towel-drying hair, apply NAK Hair Replends Creme leave-in moisturiser. Apply a tiny bit, paying attention to the mid-lengths to ends. Don't rinse. Brush through and arrange as preferred. For the best possible health and manageability of hair, Baobab Seed, Agave Leaf, and a Vegan Complex hydrate and feed the hair and give sun and UV protection, too.

Q7. Do NAK Hair Products NZ have good reviews?

NAK hair NZ products are largely favourable in the country. Customers value the large bottle sizes and reasonable costs. Many people adore the conditioner for its remarkable softening properties, although some find the shampoo to be a little drying. As a well-known and reputable brand, NAK Hair offers products for a variety of hair types, textures, and issues.

NAK Hair Products are *available at the following stores

Kess Porirua, Kess Lower Hut, Kess Albany, Kess Botany, Kess Glenfield, Kess Manukau, Kess Onehunga, Kess Ormiston, Kess Pakuranga, Kess St Lukes, Kess Sylvia Park, Kess Royal Oak, Kess West City.