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About Silver Bullet 

As one of the most loved professional hair tool brands at Kess Beauty and Hair, Silver Bullet propels the process to faster and simpler styling. These attractive and cost-effective hair tools are available in multiple sizes to suit your demands and desired looks. 

Leading salons and stylists consistently choose Silver Bullet Keratin Titanium Hair Straighteners and Titanium Rose Gold Curling Iron for their exceptional durability and versatility in meeting diverse style needs. Every Silver Bullet product is meticulously crafted to embrace and enhance all hair types, regardless of thickness or length, ensuring tender and exquisite care for your precious locks.

Official Stockist of Silver Bullet Hair Tools

Kess Hair and Beauty takes pride in being the official stockist of Silver Bullet products at a reasonable price. Since 2006, Kess has earned its place as New Zealand's leading hair care and beauty business. With more than 150 hair stylists and beauty professionals joining forces, the brand has been dedicated to meeting and fulfilling hair and skin care standards.

Over five million people in New Zealand are acquainted with our brand, and over 500,000 customers are loyal to it. Kess Hair and Beauty products and Silver Bullet have received great reviews from a variety of happy customers. 

Benefits of Silver Bullet Hair Tools

Here are some intriguing benefits of the Silver Bullet hair tools: 

Sleek and Effective Design 

The Silver Bullet tools' interesting smooth shell not only offers it a modern and elegant design but also an effortless hold while styling. Because of the adaptive design's simplicity and mobility, you can effortlessly create a wide range of hairstyles.

Wide Temperature Range 

With an operating temperature range ranging from 180-220 degrees Celsius, the Silver Bullet straighteners work well for every kind of hair. You may easily change to the desired temperature, regardless of whether you have thick, coarse hair or fine, delicate hair.

Innovative Ceramic Technology

The Silver Bullet Mini hair straightener and Silver Bullet Odyssey Professional Hair Dryer have innovative ceramic components that uniformly distribute heat while avoiding hot spots for uniform and effective hair styling. Additionally, the negative ions released by the ceramic plates help to reduce frizz and leave your hair looking lustrous with silky smooth results.

Quick Heating and Cooling

Don't spend time standing by for your hair tools to get heated up. You can start styling right away with the Silver Bullet hair tools because of their quick heating-up period. They also feature a fast recovery mechanism that keeps the temperature constant, offering accurate and effective styling.

Silver Bullet NZ Range

Being a well-known haircare brand, Silver Bullet specialises in creating next-level glamorous styling products. The diverse range of Silver Bullet includes:

These are only a few products that can change the way you style your hair. Hairstyling even the most unmanageable hair has never been simpler!

Why Do Customers Prefer Silver Bullet Products?

Customers admire the benefits of styling hair with Silver Bullet Superstar Multistyler in only a single sweep. Because Silver Bullet understands how valuable your time is, they have created innovative, friction-free ceramic curling irons and straightener plates. 

Regardless of the length, hair type, or texture, Kess's selection of Silver Bullet products, such as the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Hair Straightener, are ideal for controlling even the most tangled hair locks. It includes floating plates with bevelled edges that allow for a variety of styles and hair straightening options. The LCD digital temperature settings are customers' favourites.

The amazingly ionic curlers provide shiny, smoother results that are blissfully without any frizz and tangles. With a working temperature range of 180 C - 220C, advanced surround heat allows users to achieve swift and simple straightening, volume, waves, or flicks.

Common Customers' Questions about Silver Bullet Hair Tools

Q1. What happens if I straighten my hair every day?

According to several hair stylists across the world, it is not advised to straighten your hair on a daily basis. But suppose you need to straighten your hair every day. In that case, you should invest in good-quality hair straightening products like Silver Bullet hair straighteners, heat protectant serums, and good-quality shampoos and conditioners. 

Q2. What is the difference between a hot air brush and a straightening brush?

The difference between the two is clear: straightening brushes give your hair a naturally straight texture. Compared to a straightening brush, a hot air brush gives voluminous yet smoother strands. You may use them together or separately for the desired hair.

Q3. What is a unique feature of Silver Bullet hair straightener?

Silver Bullet hair straightener has a dual voltage (120-240 volts) feature. This allows people to use it anywhere in the world with its auto-adjusting feature. 

Q4. What ruins styled hair?

Any kind of moisture can bring back your straightened, curled, blow-dried, or styled hair to its natural state. 

Q5. Is there a healthy way to style your hair with hair tools?

If you use a hair tool with ceramic components like ceramic plates, you can style your hair with less heat because of the negatively charged ions they contain. Additionally, ceramic gives more shine and smoothness to your hair.

Q6. When should you not straighten your hair?

You should not straighten wet hair. When you straighten wet hair, the moisture that's trapped in the hair strands boils and blisters the cuticle. As a result, after straightening, the hair becomes damaged and develops split ends.

Q8. Do Silver Bullet Hair Irons turn off automatically? 

Yes, nearly every one of the Silver Bullet hair irons made recently has an auto-shut-off mode. Usually, they shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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