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About Pureology

Starting out in 2001, Pureology crafts specialised hair care products for all hair types by bringing together moisture-rich elements with an exclusive AntiFade formula that transforms colour care standards. Get the perfect, healthy, shiny, and simply lovely hair with the wide range of Pureology hair products at Kess Hair and Beauty.

Pureology is the ideal answer if you have been searching for a shampoo and conditioner that strengthens, shields, and maintains color-treated hair richness.

Official Stockist of Pureology Hair Products

At Kess Hair and Beauty, we embrace Pureology because we are dedicated to offering our customers the most innovative hair care options available. With a mission to provide everyone with healthy, shiny and beautiful hair, Kess Hair and Beauty has been working since 2006 to introduce people to premium hair care brands like Pureology. We are the leading and ideal hair and beauty care brand in New Zealand, with a customer base of more than 500,000 people. 

The primary objective of Kess Hair and Beauty had been to provide hair and beauty products at affordable rates. Our elegant salons are well-run by experienced, passionate individuals who have the same relentless commitment to excellence. With an alliance of over 150 hair stylists and beauty specialists, the brand continues to be devoted to maintaining and exceeding hair and skin care benchmarks. 

Benefits of Pureology Hair Products

Here are certain benefits that make Pureology special:

Quality Formulation

Pureology products are made using cutting-edge technology along with meticulously chosen ingredients to produce amazing results. Pureology has a selection of speciality products that are made to target specific hair problems, whether you're looking for hydration, colour protection, volume, or restoration.

Environment-friendly and Vegan 

Pureology's energy to purity goes beyond its name. The company is committed to making goods that are paraben-, sulphate-, and chemical-free and that are 100% vegan. You can be sure that the products you use are kind to both the earth and your hair when you choose Pureology. Furthermore, Pureology employs recycled packaging supplies and supports environmental causes as part of its commitment to sustainable practices.

Colour Protectant

If you enjoy bright, long-term coloured hair, Pureology's unique AntiFade Complex helps shield and maintain colour. So your stunning colour will always remain true to form. Bring on the salon-fresh colour that lasts and say farewell to early fading.

Salon-Like Luxurious Touch

Every haircare regimen is transformed into a luxurious experience with Pureology's sensory journey. It includes everything from smooth textures to uplifting aromas. With Pureology, you may enjoy a salon-quality experience at your home as you strengthen your self-care routines.

Pureology Hair Products Range

Pureology is one of the leading luxurious hair care brands that provide the perfect hair food for your beautiful locks. The diverse range of Pureology includes the following products: 

Why Do Customers Prefer Pureology Products?

Standing true to their name, Pureology believes in providing the most natural and chemical-free composition for different kinds of hair in the world. The Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner are designed with specific ingredients to preserve colour and strengthen damaged hair fibres. To enhance colour retention and lustre, they also have a special AntiFade Complex. 

Customers love the elite treatment that Pureology gives their hair without the harmful mineral oils or parabens. Its sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices allure eco-friendly customers.

With a rich, sulphate-free formula that conditions damaged hair and restores its brightness, the Pureology Nanoworks Gold series nourishes and recovers even the most damaged hair types. It revitalises dry hair and enriches the scalp with healthy elements, making it a top choice amongst customers who value hydrated hair that is vibrant and full of life!

Top Pureology Products that You Love!




Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo

266 ml

$39.90 NZD

Pureology STRENGTH CURE Superfood Treatment Mask

200 ml

$47.90 NZD

Pureology Smooth Perfection Heat Protectant Smoothing Serum

150 ml

$40.90 NZD

Pureology HYDRATE SHEER Conditioner

266 ml

$41.90 NZD

Pureology Style + Protect On The Rise Root-Lifting Mousse

300 ml

$38.50 NZD

Common Customers' Questions about Pureology Hair Products

Q1. Why is Pureology good for your hair?

Each of the products is made with proteins, including karavis and astaxanthin, which are known to be antioxidants and can help repair damaged hair. 

Q2. Is Pureology free of chemicals?

Pureology shampoos contain cleaners based on fruits and vegetables, such as coconut, corn, and sugar, rather than harsh, cleaning foaming ingredients like sulphates. Without depleting hair of its natural oils or hair colour, these ingredients form a lather.

Q3. What is the pH balance of Pureology?

Every shampoo in the Pureology lineup has a pH of 5.3. 

Q4. Is Pureology good for keratin-treated hair?

People with colour-treated hair and keratin treatments can safely use Pureology's sulphate-free products.

Q5. Which pureology shampoo is best for curly hair?

Pureology offers solutions that will help maintain the definition and hydration of your curls. The highly hydrating, best-selling Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Duo nurtures curly hair that needs intense hydration. 

Q6. Can I use pureology on virgin hair?

Yes, Pureology is safe to use on virgin-coloured hair. It can also be used on non-coloured hair too. 

Q7. What are the best products for low-porosity hair? 

Hydrate Sheer Shampoo and Conditioner by Pureology. The former cleanses gently while moisturising, while the latter hydrates every strand without weighing it down for silky, hydrated hair.

Q8. Does Pureology get rid of dandruff?

The Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo combats dandruff and dry scalp. It leaves your hair smelling amazing and feeling silky. 

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