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About Joico Hair Products

The brand Joico was founded in 1975. Joico is the very definition of "Joi," with joy at the heart of their mission. Known for its advanced hair products, Joico transformed the market with its scientific methodology by rebuilding hair genuinely with Human Hair Keratin Protein. Triamine Complex® was developed in the 1980s, while Quadramine Complex®'s introduction in 2006 signalled the beginning of a new era in the reconstruction. Driven by a passion for beauty, Joico, a division of Henkel, is committed to enhancing the global salon community.

Official Stockist of Joico Hair Products

In New Zealand, the most popular chain of salons is KESS Hair and Beauty. Since its founding in 2006, it has expanded to become New Zealand's largest hair and beauty brand. It has over 150 dedicated stylists and beauticians working for it, and it's well-known for offering premium services at affordable costs. As an approved Joico Hair Products stockist, KESS ensures that customers have access to ethically created hair care products made in California, supporting Joico Hair Products' commitment to superior products and technological advancement in the beauty sector.

Benefits of Joico Hair Products

Some of the collective and unique benefits of Joico hair care products are as follows:

Revitalised Hair Health

With each application, Joico Hair Products' distinctive use of human hair keratin protein thoroughly rebuilds hair, promoting strength, gloss, and longevity.

Scientific Innovation

Joico is a leader in revolutionary science, providing hair care products that go beyond cosmetic effects and offer long-lasting restoration and protection. Examples of these formulas are Triamine Complex® and Quadramine Complex®.

Artistic Inspiration

Given Joico's dedication to visual imagery, consumers are inspired to express their individual styles via vivid, healthy-looking hair.

Global Salon Advancement

As a Henkel division, Joico is committed to fostering growth within the international salon industry by offering professionals state-of-the-art products that enhance the salon experience.

Positive Emotion and Commitment

The slogan "the joi of healthy hair" reflects Joico's dedication and guarantee of both emotional and physical well-being, turning every haircare encounter into a joyous adventure.

Joico Hair Products Range

Joico offers a wide range of professional hair care products, including-

  • Blonde Hair Care: Joico provides a specific line to maintain and improve the brightness of blonde hair.

  • Breakage & Split Ends: Use Joico's focused treatments to prevent breakage and split ends in your hair for stronger, healthier strands.

  • Colour Treated: Use Joico's products to enhance and prolong the vibrancy and longevity of your color-treated hair.

  • Curly/Wavy Hair Care: With Joico's committed curly and wavy hair care, embrace and define your curls.

  • Damage Protection: Joico's formulas effectively protect hair from environmental stimuli, preventing damage.

  • Damage Repair: Joico aggressively strengthens and replenishes damaged hair, encouraging elasticity and vibrancy.

  • Dry Dull: For a revitalised and radiant finish, infuse hydration and luminosity into dry, dull hair.

  • Fine Limp Hair: Fine or limp hair can look fuller and more voluminous by adding body and volume using Joico's products.

  • Frizzy: Use Joico's anti-frizz products to tame frizz and obtain manageable, silky hair.

  • Naturally Derived: Joico uses products that are naturally derived to honour the power of nature and provide increased natural beauty while requiring sensitive maintenance.

  • Stylers: Take a look at Joico's assortment of styling items, which provide adaptability and imaginative choices to suit your individual styling tastes.

Why Do Customers Prefer Joico Hair Products?

Joico Hair Products has been praised by customers due to its remarkable ability to repair damaged or coloured hair. The Joico K-Pack line, which has been widely recognised for its efficaciousness over the years, is the preferred option for treating dry and damaged hair. The Moisture Recovery line has received great reviews from customers who notice how well it cleanses hair without making it heavy or greasy, leaving it silky, lustrous and simple to untangle. Positive feedback continuously upholds Joico's reputation for producing exceptional results and preserving the health and vibrancy of hair.

Common Customers' Questions About Joico Hair Products NZ

Q1. What can we do to attain exceptionally healthy looking hair?

In order to achieve exceptionally healthy-looking hair, a comprehensive strategy is needed. Focus on feeding your locks with high-quality products that increase brilliance and much-needed radiance. Explore our online store to discover a range of hair care solutions and add them to your cart. Prefer using hair-specific items.

Q2. Is K-Pak Colour Therapy Luster Lock a Joico product for blonde hair?

Yes, Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Luster Lock is a Glossing Oil among the Joico products designed for blonde and coloured hair. It doubles your colour vibrancy, preserves over 85% of hair colour, imparts shine, and makes hair stronger and pollutant-free. Your coloured and naturally coloured hair becomes soft and smooth instantly.

Q3. Is the K-PAK range capable of gaining healthy hair?

Yes, the K-PAK series is intended to support hair health. This collection, which includes the 5-minute treatment, is enriched with a potent blend of amino acids and Joico's clever Keratin technology. It helps to strengthen and rebuild damaged strands, restoring hair to its natural, radiant form. It's a stylist favourite, having won the Stylist's Choice Award in 2001, 2015, and 2017. Your happy hair reaches its healthiest state.

Q4. Is Inner Joi a technologically targeted collection of Joico?

Yes, Joico's Inner Joi is a technologically targeted collection. Clean formulae, including 86%–98% naturally derived ingredients, are given priority in the products to ensure both environmental consciousness and healthy hair. In addition, Social Plastic® is used in the packaging of all Inner Joi shampoos and conditioners, supporting sustainable practices and preventing ocean plastic pollution.

Q5. Which product is good for damage repair?

Joico's K-PAK Reconstructor is a good treatment for damaged hair. In just a few minutes, its hair-saving formula repairs and strengthens even the most damaged hair. With 64% reduced breakage due to the protective protein's active search for damage, locks appear healthier and are stronger quickly. For best effects, it must be paired with K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo, Hydrator, or Clarifying Shampoo.

Q6. What are the precautions to take while applying conditioner?

To minimise excessive oiliness, avoid applying conditioner immediately to the scalp. Pay attention to the middle to the end. Utilise a wide-tooth comb to disperse uniformly. For best results, adjust the amount according to your hair type and adhere to the product's specified instructions.

Q7. Does conditioner make hair curly?

No. It facilitates hair hydration. It will lessen the chance of frizz and extremely dry hair. Merely applying a conditioner won't make your straight or wavy hair become curly.

Joico Hair Products are *available at the following stores

Kess Albany, Kess Botany, Kess Glenfield, Kess Manukau, Kess Onehunga, Kess Ormiston, Kess Pakuranga, Kess St Lukes, Kess Sylvia Park, Kess Royal Oak, Kess West City.