About Us

In the vibrant landscape of New Zealand's beauty industry, Kess Hair and Beauty stands as a shining example of innovation and commitment. Established in 2004, Kess was founded on a powerful mission - to provide affordable premium hair and beauty services to the people of New Zealand. Over the years, Kess has not only stayed true to its founding principles but has also emerged as the largest and most prominent Hair and Beauty group in the country.

At the core of Kess's success is its dedication to offering affordable premium services. The company has redefined the concept of beauty by ensuring that high-quality hair and beauty treatments are accessible to all New Zealanders. Quality is a commitment deeply ingrained in the company's ethos. From the selection of premium products to the continuous training and development of its skilled professionals, Kess prioritizes excellence in every aspect of its operations. This commitment has not only earned the trust of clients but has also solidified Kess as a leader in the industry.

As a New Zealand-owned business, Kess takes immense pride in its roots. The company's connection to the local community is not only reflected in its ownership but also in its approach to business. Kess is more than just a Hair and Beauty destination; it's a celebration of the rich culture and diversity of New Zealand. This connection is not only a source of pride but also a driving force behind Kess's popularity and success.The true measure of Kess's success lies in the glowing testimonials from its clients.

In the dynamic world of Hair and Beauty, Kess has carved a niche for itself by redefining standards and setting new benchmarks. From its humble beginnings in 2004 to becoming the largest beauty group in New Zealand, Kess has seamlessly blended affordability with premium services, all while taking pride in its Kiwi roots.