Perfect choice for: Color Intensity clients who want to extend the life of their dipped tips and fantasy shades with at-home ease; plus blonde or pre-lightened hair that’s ready for some professionally applied no-commitment color-palooza.

Here’s how: Wearing gloves is recommended with applying and rinsing.
Color Refresher: When your shade starts to fade, apply to clean, dry or damp hair, wait 5 minutes and rinse.
Color without Commitment: Apply to clean, dry or damp, natural blonde or pre-lightened hair (at least a level 7), wait 5 minutes and rinse.
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The inside secret: A unique combination of the three super-powers: Quadramine Complex–our exclusive blend of proteins that adhere quickly to strands, protecting both the cuticle and cortex; Joico’s patented Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex to create a shield of protection around each and every strand; and Arginine–the amino acid responsible for hair’s ability to stretch without breakage




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