BLONDME Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner


BLONDME® Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner

Pigmented leave-in spray conditioner with a cool cendré tone direction, for lightweight daily blonde care.


Maintains and enriches the cool tone directions
Detangles the hair and improves combability

Provides strength and moisture leaving the hair soft, healthy and shiny
Cool anti-yellow pigments: For color enhancement and neutralization
Delivers cool pigments to maintain, refresh and enrich blonde tone directions
Contains Hydrolyzed Silk: Hair conditioning agent derivate from silk. Improves the texture of delicate blondes
Contains moisturizing Panthenol to balance the natural water content of the hair structure
UV-Filter: Helps to protect the hair from damaging UV rays
How to use:

Spray onto towel-dried hair
Comb through to evenly distribute
Leave in
Extra Tip:

Can also be used for all other blonde hair types for soft neutralization
Perfect tone maintenance for BLONDME® tone directions Ice, Steel Blue or Lilac




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